Requesting recommendation letters

Please let Pam and Alicia know about any fellowships or programs you are applying for at least 3-4 weeks ahead of the first deadline; please email Pam and cc Alicia so we know when you plan on applying with a list of all the places you plan to apply to. It is also very helpful to send Pam your CV/Research Summary and a paragraph or two of what you’d like her to highlight in your letters.

When you begin your application, please have any request sent to Alicia ( instead of Pam’s so that requests are less likely to be missed by accident and we will know right away if we are missing an expected email.

When it comes to tracking your letter and making sure they are submitted on time you have 2 options. If you are applying to only a few places (less than 5) then just an email of where you are applying and the deadlines/how to submit is enough and Alicia will send you a confirmation email for each application. If you are applying to more please use the letter tracker attached or something similar in excel so that all the information is in one easy place. As rec letters get submitted Alicia will update the spreadsheet and send it to you.