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Graduate Students We always welcome interest from new graduate students. Interested graduate students from Harvard programs should just send an email. We welcome graduate students from all Harvard DMS and FAS programs including BBS, Biophysics, Chemical Biology and Systems Biology. We also welcome visiting graduate and undergraduates from other Universities throughout the world. Students from other universities who wish to do a masters and/or research rotation are also welcome and should send an email together with a CV.

Postdoctoral Fellows We have new openings for Postdoctoral Fellows who are excited about prokaryotic and/or mammalian cells. Our new projects have both engineering and discovery aspects.  We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.  Please send your CV, a summary of your work and your vision where you want to go in the future to pamela_silver AT hms DOT harvard DOT edu.

Undergraduates We also welcome undergraduates interested in doing short projects or their thesis. Just send an email to Pam together with some background information and/or a CV.