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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Next-Generation Anti-viral Therapies
We are seeking Postdoctoral Fellows to join a new collaborative project at Harvard Medical School to develop new targets and strategies for anti-viral therapies.

Our team: We have recently embarked on a multi-PI effort together with Industry collaborators to identify pan-viral targets and therapeutic molecules. Participating Principal Investigators include Professors Tim Mitchison, Adrian Salic and Pamela Silver. Our multi-disciplinary team combines expertise across computation, synthetic biology, cell biology, and virology. This effort is part of the larger Therapeutics Initiative at Harvard Medical School and, as such, will offer additional learning opportunities around drug development.

The position: You will be one of several (5-8) postdoctoral fellows working as part of our multi-PI team effort. The formal appointment will be in the lab of one of the PIs (to be determined based on your interests and experience). However, you will be expected to work collaboratively with multiple faculty members and the members of their labs.

Expertise in all aspects of the project is not necessary. We are seeking enthusiastic candidates from a diversity of backgrounds who can contribute to this ambitious undertaking. The unique nature of this position offers opportunities to learn more about the cell biology of viruses, to learn more about novel computational strategies for drug development, to learn from and work with industry scientists, and to be part of a synergistic team.

We are equally interested in candidates intending to pursue academic and industry careers, and will support either career trajectory fully. You will have opportunities to contribute to and/or act as lead author on publications arising from this work, to communicate findings in presentations at national and international conferences, and to apply for fellowships, based on your professional interests. The ideal candidate will be excited to seize upon the tremendous opportunities available at Harvard Medical School – including access to numerous faculty and peer mentors – and to leverage these opportunities to strategically and creatively achieve their professional goals within the context of this project.

Term: 1 year. Renewable for 3+
Salary: Consistent with NIH guidelines, with opportunities for accelerated promotion
Start date: ASAP* | Location: Boston, MA*
*Both to be determined based on current COVID guidelines

Required qualifications: Doctoral-level degree in a relevant field, with evidence of an ability to excel in research. Good organizational skills. Interest/experience working as part of a collaborative team. Interest/experience working with industry. Degree must be conferred before the appointment can begin.
Desired qualifications (optional): Experience participating in or managing large collaborative projects. Demonstrated commitment to advancing shared project goals. Demonstrated commitment to developing and advancing an individual development plan for success in academic and/or industry research environments (e.g., continuing education, training, attending meetings and seminars, etc).

Application: Please send the following email:
• Subject line “Pan-viral postdoc” to
• Body of the email: “Dear Professors Mitchison, Salic, and Silver,” + Brief (1 paragraph) description of your experience and career interests.
• Attachment: A single (1) PDF with filename “Pan-viral postdoc [surname].pdf”. The combined PDF should include a 1-2 page letter outlining your experience and career interests, along with your CV. Please include the contact information for 3 potential references.



Current Openings We welcome people from diverse scientific backgrounds at any level: undergraduate to postdoc and staff scientist. If you are interested in becoming a member of our group, please send a cover letter and a copy of your CV by email to Pam Silver. For interested Graduate Students, please just send an email. We welcome graduate students from all Harvard DMS and FAS programs including BBS, Biophysics, Chemical Biology, and Systems Biology. We also welcome visiting graduate and undergraduates from other universities throughout the world. We have openings for Postdoctoral Fellows who wish to engage in projects to program both microbes and eukaryotic cells and develop novel living therapeutics or a project to engineer environmentally relevant organisms. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. Please send your CV and a summary of your past experience by email to Pamela Silver. We also have openings for Staff Scientists. If you are someone who has worked in the private sector for several years and are looking for something different, please send your CV by email to Pamela Silver.

Graduate Students We always welcome interest from new graduate students. Interested graduate students from Harvard programs should just send an email. We welcome graduate students from all Harvard DMS and FAS programs including BBS, Biophysics, Chemical Biology and Systems Biology. We also welcome visiting graduate and undergraduates from other Universities throughout the world. Students from other universities who wish to do a masters and/or research rotation are also welcome and should send an email together with a CV.

Postdoctoral Fellows We have new openings for Postdoctoral Fellows who are excited about prokaryotic and/or mammalian cells. Our new projects have both engineering and discovery aspects.  We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.  Please send your CV, a summary of your work and your vision where you want to go in the future to pamela_silver AT hms DOT harvard DOT edu.

Undergraduates We also welcome undergraduates interested in doing short projects or their thesis. Just send an email to Pam together with some background information and/or a CV.