Pamela Silver

Pamela Silver

Principal Investigator

Pamela Silver is the Elliot T and Onie H Adams Professor of Biochemistry and Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. She is also a full member of the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering. She was one of the first members of the Department of Systems Biology and the first Director of the Harvard University Graduate Program in Systems Biology.

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Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way

Senior Staff Scientist

Jeff’s current research interests are in therapeutic protein development and bioenergy. As a senior staff scientist at the Wyss, he is also supporting faculty-driven efforts in DNA synthesis and DNA assembly. Before coming to the Wyss, he was Director of Structural Biology and Director of Intellectual Property at EMD Serono, a major protein-focused pharmaceutical company, where he designed protein drugs. Previously, he was a Director of Intellectual Property and Director of Communications there. He has published numerous articles on drug development, synthetic biology, nervous system development, and bacterial genetics, and holds several patent applications and issued patents. He received his Ph.D. and B.A from Harvard University.

Roger Larken Chang

Roger Larken Chang

Associate Lab Director

Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellow 2014
Ph.D. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, UC San Diego
B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

Roger’s current research interests are in the study of proteome-wide oxidative stress resistance, as in the radioresistance of the polyextremophile Deinococcus radiodurans, and in engineering protein therapeutics to induce cryptobiosis (“hidden mode of life”) in mammalian and other eukaryotic cells to preserve cells and tissues and confer diverse environmental stress resistance. Roger previously developed landmark models for structural systems biology of E. coli metabolism to identify growth-limiting enzymes for thermotolerance, antibiotic mechanisms, and human renal metabolism to characterize drug off-target effects in silico.


Elizabeth Libby

Elizabeth Libby

Departmental Fellow, Systems Biology

Ph.D. Physics, University of Pennsylvania
B.S. Physics, Stanford University

Elizabeth is interested in how bacterial populations regulate antibiotic tolerance and the appearance of rare cells with extreme phenotypes. She is currently designing new ways to measure bacterial signaling system activity.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Bryan Hsu

Ph.D. and M.S. Chemistry, MIT

B.S. Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

Has worked in the fields of surface science, antimicrobial coatings, biomaterials, and controlled drug delivery. Now studying bacteriophages of the human gut and engineering formulations for their oral delivery.

Shannon Nangle

2017 NIH F32 NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Pharmacology, University of Washington

Shannon is a postdoc interested in creating human-plant hybrids to live on Mars (but is totally not working on that).

James Kuo

2017 NIH F32 NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Stanford

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Amateur still trying to turn pro. Looking at controlling and recoding cells, after previously playing with natural product biosynthesis. Hoping to imagine again.


Erika Olson 

Ph.D. Chemical Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

A.B. Chemistry, Cornell University

Erika is a former peptide chemist interested in improving human-environmental relations. She is currently investigating how viruses play Jedi mind tricks on their host.

Michael Melfi

Ph.D. Chemistry, Stanford University

B.S. Biological Sciences, Cornell University

Interested in the connections between energy dissipation and accuracy of biochemical networks and oscillators, as well as in engineering low-cost networks in cells.

Timothy Chang

Ph.D. Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

S.B. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tim is currently developing high throughput analyses of viral genes and their effects on intracellular signaling. In short, studying the viruses of today to better defend against the diseases of tomorrow.

Marika Ziesack

Ph.D. Biological and Biomedical Science, Harvard University

Marika works on engineering microbes for renewable production of chemicals.

Dan Nguyen

Ph.D. Biophysics and Bioengineering, UC Santa Barbara
M.S. Nanoscience, Arizona State University
B.S. Biochemical Sciences, Harvard University

Dan has worked in a variety of scientific fields, including tumor angiogenesis, non-canonical amino acids, single-molecule force spectroscopy, self-assembled DNA nanostructures, and phase separation in biology. In the Silver lab, he is adding “little water bears” to this eclectic list.

Michael Veling

Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMass Amherst

Mike wants to use biology to solve problems big and small. He is hoping his current project will allow him to travel across the galaxy in a biostatic sleep someday.

Suhyun Kim

Ph.D., Harvard University

Suhyun is engineering gut bacteria to perform useful functions in humans. She enjoys dancing Rock’n’Roll and Zumba.

Nélida R. Leiva Eriksson

Ph.D. Engineering and Biotechnology, Lund University MRC
B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National University Federico Villarreal

Nélida is a visiting postdoc at HMS. Her research is on heme-proteins from bacteria, plants, and humans. In the Silver lab she is engineering bacterial cells to restrict their survival in human physiological conditions.

Rebecca Sherbo

2019 Schmidt Science Fellow

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of British Columbia

Rebecca is a chemist trying her hand at some biology for her postdoc. She wants to use microbes to convert CO2 to chemicals and fuels.

Monica McNerney

Ph.D. Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Monica is interested in using synthetic biology to design smarter diagnostics and therapeutics.

Graduate Students

Finn Stirling

Finn is a student from the UK, and is interested in making sure the stuff that comes out of you is dead and has no friends. I am looking to recruit undergrads or anyone else to help me in this endeavor.

Nathan Rollins

Nathan is investigating the molecular events that enable conditional behavior in biological systems. He is adding layers of requirement to proteins that function in these systems so they may only act when specific circumstances are met. Particularly, he is teaching cytokines when to pull the trigger on cell death.

Sarabeth Buckley

NSF Fellow

B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science, Tufts University

A plant chemist escaping geology to synthetic biology, Sarabeth is fascinated by plant microbial interactions and driven to address climate change. She wants to enhance plant growth and sequester CO2 with the bionic leaf and protein microcompartments. When not biking between campuses, she can be found running, dancing, or baking crazy cakes.

Jungmin Lee

B.S. Chemistry, Duke University

Jungmin is a graduate student in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Program. She is interested in protein therapeutics and mammalian synthetic biology.

Katherine Redfield

M.D. Candidate, Harvard Medical School

Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST)

BS Mathematics, MIT

Katie may be no Doogie Howser, but she’s still full of pep about her second career as a budding physician-scientist. She would love to talk your ear off about fusion proteins, dancing and the best coffee shops to camp out in. Her enthusiasm is fueled by a diet of red bull and leftover conference room pizza.

Daniel Loh 

PhD Candidate in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

BS Chemistry, Yale University

Dan (not to be confused with Dan) is interested in renewable chemistry and is even more interested in getting microbes to do it for him. He also thinks self-replicating cyborg bacteria would be cool.

Josh Van Zak

Josh is a Research Assistant in The Mediated Matter Group at MIT who is interested in using nature’s most overpowering adaptations to our benefit. His current research involves 3D printing bone cancer cells to generate functionally graded architectural structures that people will one day live in.

Ábris Jeney

M.D. candidate University of Freiburg, Germany

Ábris is working with intrinsically disordered proteins and tries to better understand their functions in bacterial and mammalian cells. Out of the lab if not traveling or sailing he probably can be found in some third-wave coffee shop.

Julian Stanley

MSc Bioinformatics, Northeastern University (ongoing)

Julian is studying how animals can survive being dried, poisoned, frozen, or otherwise mistreated. He likes open-source science, unit tests, model organism genetics, history, and croquettes.

Fernando Barbosa

PhD candidate in Bioenergy, University of Campinas (Brazil)

BC Biotechnological Engineering, University of Sao Paulo State (Brazil)

Fernando has worked with bioprocesses and biotechnology on projects involving fermentation, purification, optimization, and scale-up. In the Silver Lab, Fernando is working with the expression of intrinsically disordered proteins in yeast.


Research Staff

Kathleen Buhl

Lab Manager

Kathy has been managing the Silver lab since 2006. When she’s not whipping the Silverinos into shape, she plays hockey and enjoys hiking. She’s recently discovered her spirit animal is the squirrel.

Christine Zheng

Christine recently graduated from Harvard with a degree in Chemistry, although she never was and never intends to be a “real chemist.” She likes to put DNA places it doesn’t normally go and seeing what happens. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reality TV, and explaining jokes to people.

Priya Jani

Priya joined the lab in December 2018 and is studying disordered proteins to inform the design and delivery of novel therapeutics. Outside of lab, Priya enjoys gardening, Flamenco, and Billie Holiday.

Lauren Jiang

Lauren is a research assistant in the Silver lab.


Hadley Weiss

Hadley is an undergraduate at Harvard studying bioengineering, who will be working with Jeff Way on a virus project. In their free time, Hadley does a lot of baking and Netflix-watching.

Recent Alumni

Yukiye Koide

Juline Savigny – masters student, Ecole Normale Superieure

Jonathan Naccache – masters student, Sup’Biotech Paris

Jérôme Zürcher – undergrad, ETH Zürich

Colin Molloy – undergrad

Maya Ordonez – undergrad, University of Chicago

Julia Rogers – undergrad, Emory University

Teagan Stedman – undergrad, Harvard University

David Riglar – Assistant Professor, Imperial College London

Sasha Naydich – Consultant

Emma Spady – Postdoc

Lorena Lyon – NOVA | PBS

Disha Trivedi – Harvard University

Jernej Turnšek – Research Fellow at J. Craig Venter Institute

Isaac Plant – Engineering and Product Development at Elm Innovations

Nathalie Gruber – Graduate student, University of Applied Life Sciences Vienna

Tobias Giessen – Assistant Professor, Dept of Bioengineering, University of Michigan

Jason Lee – Harvard University

Rachel Barocio – University of California Santa Cruz

Kassandra Boada – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Andrew Verdegaal- Graduate student, Yale University 

Andy Shumaker- Indigo

Florian Bieberich- Graduate student, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg

Yu Heng Lau- Assistant Professor, University of Sydney 

Kelsey Sakimoto- KulaBio

Kira Sarup-Lytzen- Graduate Student, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability in Copenhagen

Jessica Polka- Director, ASAP Bio

Connor Horton- Undergraduate, Harvard University

John Oliver- ZBiotics

Alan Pacheco- Graduate Student, Boston University

Leon Liu- Senior Data Engineer, Athenahealth

Ryan Richardson- Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland

Stephanie Hays- Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley

Brendan Colón-Data Scientist, Amazon

Kriti Lall- Investment Banking

Michael Baymv- Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Joshua Grossman

Marta Tomaselli- Graduate Student, University of Cambridge

Una Choi- Undergraduate, Harvard University

Avi Robinson-Mosher- Scientific Programmer, DE Shaw Research

Devin Burrill- Scientist, Precision Biosciences Inc.

Matthew Robinson- Consulting

Matthew Niederhuber- Graduate Student, University of North Carolina

Cameron Myhrvold- Postdoctoral Fellow, Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard

Clovis Basier- Graduate Student, The Crick Institute

Kevin Hof- Graduate Student, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Michiel Karrenbelt- Institute of Systems Biology Zurich

David Lips- University of Amsterdam

Gladys Kibunyi- Charles River Lab

Johannes Bues- École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Joost Verduijn- Ghent University

Drew MacKellar- University of Washington

Audam Chhun- PhD Candidate, University of Warwick

Thomas Perli- Delft University of Technology

Tyler J Ford- Scientist, Addgene Inc.

Lauren Kennedy-

Matthew Mattozzi- Senior Scientist, Conagen Inc.

Wade Hicks- Head of Operations and Lab Automation, KSQ Therapeutics Inc.  

Anna Chen- Life Scientist Specialist, L.E.K. Consulting

Buz Barstow- Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering, Cornell University

Wiggert Altenburg- Eindhoven University of Technology

Pia Mach- University of Tübingen

Takashi Imada- Professor, Kyoto University

Elena Schafer- Graduate student, University of Cambridge 

Max Van der Ploeg – Wageningen University and Research

Michael Tscherner- Fellow, University of Vienna

Nabeel Nissar

Sherry Gao- Postdoc, Harvard Medical University

Samuel O’Keefe

Nicholas Wong- Undergraduate, Harvard University

Aashna Shah- Undergraduate, Northeastern University

Ashton Omdahl- Graduate Student

Disha Trivedi- Undergraduate, Harvard University

Elizabeth Redfield- Discovery Immuno-oncology Intern